Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Convert TXT file to JAR ebook Online For Free

If you are habitual of reading books in mobile(like me) then this post is dedicated for you. There are many types of ebook formats available for mobile but most of them need readers.
  Problem occurs here that there are not readers available for every mobile & sometimes you may get an incompatible format of the book which is worthless in your mobile reader.

This is for online conversion of .txt file to .jar format for reading in mobile.
http://qioo.de is a site offering you free conversion of text files to mobile readable jar ebook formats compatible in java supporting phones.
Visit http://handybibliothek.qioo.de/qic.php browse the text file and click on Create.. to convert
Save the generated .jar file and push it into your mobile to use it.
Enjoy !!

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